Set up a fan wall for your customers to leave feedback on your business. Manage the comments online.

Easily display hundreds of videos from your YouTube channel beautifully inside of your mobile apps.

Allow customers to take a photo or send an existing photo and email it directly to your business.

Facebook & Twitter Integration

Integrate your Facebook and/or Twitter page to connect with your customers through their favorite social media sites.

Give customers multiple ways to contact your business. Phone, website, email, and directions to your business

The News tab is a great feature that keeps your app users up-to-date on issues that relate to your business or service. The content that appears in your feed depends on the keywords you provide. 

The QR Scanner tab is a useful tool that can scan any QR code your users come upon. A QR code is essentially a scannable URL. They're commonly used for promotional & informational purposes. 

The PDF tab allows you to display PDFs through your app. This is commonly used to showcase flyers, menus, and even reports.

The Email Photo tab allows user to email photos directly from the app. For instance, if you create an Email Photo tab called "Party Cam" for your club app, users could email photos of their favorite moments the weekend, which the business could post on their Facebook page. Users can take a photo or send one from their device's gallery in just a few steps.

The Reservation tab is a great option for restaurants, beauty salons, offices, and more! Using the built-in booking system, users can reserve time slots for various services, and you can fill up your calendar without having to take calls or reply to emails non-stop.

The Email Form tab is a great solution for generating customer feedback, taking appointment/reservation requests, and gathering info from users in general. You can select from field options, adapt existing options to meet your needs, and customize the design of the form to create your perfect submission form.

An alternate to the Email Form tab, the WuFoo Form tab, is a great option if you're looking for more custom features than our native option offers.

Create an app that displays any points of interest on a map and categorize them however you'd like. This is a great feature to add in advertisers as well.

RSS feeds are a common and popular form of displaying news and information. RSS feeds load a web page that constantly updates within the app without any manual changes on your end.

Updated with current news, links to articles, special offers, and and endless array of useful info, your RSS feed can prove incredibly useful for users, who will check multiple times a day for new content.

Stay in contact with your customers by gathering names and email addresses directly inside your application.

Give your customers one touch calling from inside your app. No numbers to save or remember.

The golf course tab is now available! With this feature, you can build out a golf course range and allow users to score their games right in the app.

An Info Tab Option comes in 3 Tiers:  

(1-Tier) can be thought of as a static HTML page. Inside this tab, you can insert just about anything that you can insert on a regular web page. The "what you see is what you get" editor, which allows you to customize the description, it is a great way to display information about your business.  Many companies opt to use the 1-Tier tab as an About Us page, but this is just one of many ways to utilize it.

An Info (2-Tier) tab is similar to Tier 1 plus it can be used to embed content, like a single YouTube video.

(3-Tier) Use this option to include thumbnail images in the item list view, you can even specify a price for each item. 

For example: BROADEST CATEGORY (Tier 1) → SUB-CATEGORIES (Tier 2) → ITEM DETAILS (Tier 3)  

Features - We're Innovative

Display images of your business in a beautiful image gallery specifically optimized for the iPhone and Android.

The Car Finder tab allows users to drop pins when they park so they never lose track again. They can also set timers, reminding themselves when the meter's running out, or share the location via email or text.  

The Food Ordering tab is a simple way for restaurants to start taking orders through their mobile app. With delivery & takeout options, payment through the app, and a customizable menu.

Send messages to your customers whenever you'd like using our easy to use content management system.

Big Commerce (Shopify, Magento, Volusion, Etc.  Automatically integrate all of your Big Commerce store items into a mobile shopping cart feature.

The Membership tab is a great solution for limiting app access to a chosen group. You can set a master username & password that are required to view the app's content, and all users are prompted to enter the login info upon launching the app.This is particularly useful for apps that cater to specific groups or events, or contain sensitive info that shouldn't be accessible to anyone who happens to download it.

Podcasts are a great feature to offer in your mobile app. The hands-off feature allows you to integrate audio and video podcasts, which automatically update with the latest content to keep your audience in the know. After you integrate the feed, your work is done.

The Direction View tab offers one-touch directions to multiple locations. The Direction View tab does not control the Get Directions home screen button.

Give your customers turn-by-turn GPS directions to your business from anywhere in the world.

Shopping Cart Feature - Looking to create a mobile store? Easily add and sell items through your mobile app via PayPal or Google Check Out.

The Sports Stats Tab is a feature that allows you to include a flexible counter inside your app. This counter can be used for many purposes, from sports and fitness to finance and health. It also allows users to email their results to an email address specified by you. 

Include a mortgage calculator feature where you can preset the interest rate. Perfect for real estate agents.

Create QR enabled coupons for your customers to redeem at your business by scanning a specified QR code.

Include a blog by integrating your RSS feed to allow your users to quickly and easily read your blog posts.

A Web Site tab allows you to easily integrate a web page into your app. This feature is especially handy for promoting social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and OpenTable—or any other websites that don't contain Flash. To enable this feature, all you need is a website URL.

The Voice Recorder Feature allows users to record voice notes and email them to anyone at anytime.

Include all of your businesses events inside of your application. Keep customers informed on the go.

Create mobile coupons for your customers to unlock by "checking in" at your business.

The notepad feature allows users to record text notes and email them to anyone at anytime.

The Music tab is a great way to share and sell tracks inside your app. You can import, upload, or link to music files to easily integrate them within the app.

The Real Estate tab is a great tool for real estate agents to showcase properties they're renting or selling.

Include a tip calculator inside your app to help customers quickly calculate a tip amount for a dinner party.

Mobile Ads Feature

Easily integrate ads into your app using many of the best mobile ad providers available.

OpenTable Integration - Integrate a restaurant reservation system into your mobile app for on the go restaurant reservations.

The Loyalty tab allows users to have an in-app version of a traditional stamp card. Rather than pulling out the hole-puncher or scribbling an easy-to-forge symbol, the vendor punches the secret code into the customer's phone to add a "stamp." Once users have reached the required number of "stamps," they'll unlock the deal. This deal can be redeemed immediately or saved for later.

Let your customers take your business viral with built in sharing capabilities over email, Facebook, SMS and Twitter.

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